It´s me

Schizo, as I lay my head on pillows
Schizo, as I wake up next day out of sight
Schizo, as I do the dishes three times in a row
Schizo, as I walk away from every fight

It‘s a freak show, I don‘t show you
I live my life in augmented reality

My thoughts fuck up my memory
Between you and me it‘s the TV

These thoughts show the tragedy
To speak about it, I don‘t owe you

Schizo, as I fight my feelings
Schizo, as I wanna cry
Schizo, as I help myself with common things
Schizo, as I sometimes I think I die

A thousand nights ahead of me
Feels like losing myself

In the dark someone mocks me
Telling me, I‘m someone else

Think of pieces of fear and pity
Surrounding you like an empty shell

Schizo as I love the cruelty
Hitting me with ignorance
Schizo as I can look through me
Helping mirrors vanish at a glance

Like flies I have visions
Brings me to other people‘s prisons

Im a tiger and my claws
Hurt someone that I never was

Im an elephant and my mind
Does not forget and is not easy to find

Schizo, as I do remember all the beauty in the worlds
Schizo, as I see the living hurting lives with rusty swords
Schizo, as I look for people who hear the thoughts of no ones lord
Schizo, as I hook myself in Ereskigals place of gore

Truth to speak of what I hear and see
It‘s me, It‘s me, It‘s me, It‘s me

My inner child loved through tough times
My lung searches for air watching fake crimes

Take the time to look through the wall sourrounding me
Friendship is an important step to rationality
Though my brain is fucking with reality
This all is me
t‘s me, It‘s me, It‘s me, It‘s me