Our Road

Trippin, Trippin Tippin Point Trippin, Trippin Flipping Coins Zen Buddist Rapsody in Red and Green Be the waking of my dream As soon as Bees are saved My soul is bare so shaved Trippin, Trippin Finding Joint Trippin, Trippin Lovers in the Void This beating belongs to us Synchronising the waves of lust Happenings of… Weiterlesen Our Road

Oceans of void

Back in spaceMy head fell out of cloudsBody senselessGravity still works Case and SoulWhat the time stoleWant to be wholeTension and coalYet Diamonds My heart, My guts, My brainEaten by emotionWhere is reasonThought works as an unpleasent ocean Hang in there John Grant is singingThe Circle of speciestalks like endless ringing In my head, In… Weiterlesen Oceans of void